Mind the Health Gap exists to speed the development and deployment of health technology for marginalized communities.

Why are we building a new initiative in this area (access to medicines and neglected health technology development) when so much of this ground is already being covered by other NGOs?
Aren’t solutions to the global health gap being worked on already? Isn’t closing this gap inevitable?  Perhaps.  But even if one accepts that the gap will one day close, this day and these solutions cannot possibly come soon enough.  The focus of Mind the Health Gap is to harness untapped social and creative potential to bring the full economic, cultural, and scientific power of the global community to bear on the critical health problems facing our community’s most marginalized people.

This is not actually as hard as it sounds – we find extremely talented and successful people in all fields who are more than happy to help.  So what is missing? Often it is a challenge for people to see how they can be involved, or to know who they need to work with.  Mind the Health Gap will bring people in diverse fields together and show them how they can make their work change the lives of people living at the margins of global society.

Contact MTHG at info@mindthehealthgap.org.

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