In addition to building relationships to catalyze research and development for the benefit of the global poor, MeND2010 examined specific questions:

Panel 1: Priorities and Pathways to Affordable Drugs, Diagnostics and Vaccines

  • What are the research priorities for the poor in terms of urgency and feasibility?
  • How can various scientific disciplines most effectively contribute?
  • How can academic scientists most effectively access research resources, organizations and networks able to facilitate ND health technology development?

Panel 2: Collaborations with Industry and Product-Development Partnerships

  • What are the challenges to more effective collaborations between academia and PDPs?
  • What are those for academia and industry?
  • How can these be overcome and yield more productive research partnerships?

Panel 3: Funding Sources, Trends and Policy Proposals

  • What sources of funding are available to academic labs for research in neglected disease areas?
  • How much is available, and for what types of research, specifically?
  • How is this funding best accessed?
  • Who has incentives to fund R&D on neglected diseases, and why?
  • How might the academic community and others increase available funding?
  • What other creative financing mechanisms are feasible?

MeND2010: 10-11 September, 2010, Boston University
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