All events at Boston University School of Law Alumni Auditorium (767 Commonwealth Ave), except where otherwise noted.

Fri. 10 Sept. 2010

7:00pm   Opening Keynote Address: Thomas Pogge, President and Director, Incentives for Global Health; Leitner Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs at Yale University; Professorial Fellow, ANU Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics – [Download Slides]

Novel reward systems are needed to develop valuable, life-enhancing biomedical technologies and to ensure that people in poor countries, and the government programmes that often pay for treatment, can afford them. The Health Impact Fund will be discussed as an enduring, systematic reform to give pharmaceutical innovators stable financial incentives to develop new medicines for the world’s poor and to sell them worldwide at no more than the lowest feasible cost of production and distribution.

8:00pm   Evening Social and Poster Presentations: Refreshments and light snacks provided – at Barrister’s Hall (Directly across from Alumni Auditorium)

Sat. 11 Sept. 2010

7:00am   Registration, Coffee and Breakfast

8:00am   Welcome: Jonathon Simon, Professor and Chair of the Department of International Health;  Director, Center for Global Health and Development, Boston University School of Public Health – [Download Slides]

8:15am   Opening Remarks: Ashley Stevens, President, Association for University Technology Managers; Special Assistant to the VP of Research, Boston University

8:30am   Panel 1:

Priorities and Pathways to Affordable Drugs, Diagnostics and Vaccines

Priority medical needs in developing countries framed the discussion on developing new medical technologies that are affordable, field-adapted, and relevant.  Topics included new approaches and collaborations for ND research, including the participation of the Emory Institute for Drug Discovery (EIDD) in the Pool for Open Innovation against Neglected Tropical Diseases and the Tres Cantos Open Lab; developing research capacity in disease-endemic countries via the Emory–South Africa Drug Discovery Training Program; clinical TB diagnostics development and the challenges of diagnosing and treating HIV-TB coinfection in a developing country context; novel therapies made possible by prize systems to reward innovation and innovative combination therapies made possible by patent pooling initiatives.

Els Torreele, Project Director, Access to Medicines Initiative, Open Society Institute
Jerrold Ellner, Chief of Infectious Diseases, Boston Medical Center – [Download Slides]
James Love, Director, Knowledge Ecology International
Dennis Liotta, Professor of Chemistry, Emory University; Director, Emory Institute for Drug Discovery – [Download Slides]
Yves Ribeil, President and Chief Executive Officer of SCYNEXIS, Inc. – [Download Slides]

9:45am   Panel-wide Discussion of Workshop Questions, Coffee, & Informal Breakout Sessions

10:30am  Panel 2:

Collaborations with Industry and Product-Development Partnerships

Panelists discussed the challenges facing a ND biotech startup company compared with those of working within an academic environment; more productive collaborations among Universities and Product-Development Partnerships (PDPs); forging effective partnerships between biopharmaceutical companies and academic labs interested in developing ND tools.

David Cook, Executive Vice President, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative
Una Ryan, President & Chief Executive Officer, Diagnostics for All – [Download Slides]
Denice Spero, Co-director, Institute of Immunology and Informatics, Providence, RI – [Download Slides]
Jean-Pierre Paccaud, Business Development Director, Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative – [Download Slides]
Melinda Moree, Chief Executive Officer, BIO Ventures for Global Health

11:45am  Panel-wide Discussion of Workshop Questions, Coffee, & Informal Breakout Sessions

12:30pm  Lunch

1:30pm   Plenary Lecture I: Barry Bunin, Chief Executive Officer, Collaborative Drug Discovery

2:00pm   Plenary Lecture II: George Whitesides, Woodford L. and Ann A. Flowers University Professor, Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Harvard University; Co-Founder, Director and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board, Diagnostics for All

2:30pm   Panel 3:

Funding: Sources, Trends and Policy Proposals

Panelists discussed the present state of worldwide, all-sector funding available for translational ND research, as well as projected trends and policy recommendations (based in part on the results of the G-FINDER ND funding studies); opportunities for US federal support for ND research; current and projected ND funding by the philanthropic sector; alternative approaches to funding R&D in the face of market failure.

William Rodriguez, Founder, Daktari Diagnostics
Javier Guzman, Director of Research, Policy Cures; Co-Author, G-FINDER Report Series – [Download Slides]
John Rogers, Preclinical Parasite Drug Development Program Officer, Parasitology and International Programs Branch, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health – [Download Slides]
Neil McDonnell, Deputy Director of Strategy, Global Health Program, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – [Download Slides]
Kevin Outterson, Associate Professor of Law, Boston University; Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics – [Download Slides]

4:00pm   Panel-wide Discussion of Workshop Questions, Coffee, & Informal Breakout Sessions

4:40pm   Trainee Perspectives: Sara Crager, MD/MS Candidate, Yale University School of Medicine; Sandeep Kishore, MD/PhD Candidate, Weill-Cornell Medical College – [Download Slides]

5:00pm   Reception: Wine, Cheese, Informal Discussion and Networking — at Barristers’ Hall

MeND2010: 10-11 September, 2010, Boston University
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